The Best Comedies of 2011

It's a known fact that a good laugh prolongs life, but this fact can't be checked actually. However, one thing is true: a good laugh makes a life happier and the best comedies of 2011 are intended to make you laugh for sure.

This year there are enough comedies to entertain the viewers and they are released gradually through the whole year. At least once in a month you will have a chance for a good laughing: start this year with The Dilemma in January (though it reveals some serious issues but don't take it too serious) and end up with A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas in 3D in December.

50 Most Popular Comedy Movies Of 2010

Comedy is a popular genre among people of different ages, from children and youth to seniors. The main and initial aim of any comedy movie is to entertain and comedies of 2010 seem to cope with this task just fine.

It is claimed, that in comedies a great focus is put on individual stars and comedies 2010 were not an exception. I was glad to see charming Bruce Willis, good old Morgan Freeman and still sexy Helen Miller in one movie! A movie Red can be justly named 'most star' among 2010 comedy movies.

The Hangover Part 2 - Just as Good as the Original

Tod Phillips seems to have an inexhaustible source of inspiration for his movies. Excited by his tremendous success of Hangover comedy, he at once got to the work to create the sequel Hangover Part II and is already working over the final part of this trilogy.

Rio Movie - Fun for All Ages!

It would be right to sing or to dance in order to present Rio review the best way possible, cause this is one of the most bright, colorful, musical, lively animated movie released over the last years. You will find yourself moving or singing to all those lovely tunes Rio has in abundance. It is definitely on of the best comedy of 2011 that is worth seeing.

Take Me Home Tonight - Comedy with a Message from the Past

There is a good news for the fans of retro movies telling about reckless youth of the 80s, now you can reminisce about the good old time of the eighties together with Take Me Home Tonight comedy. With the official release on March 4, there is a number of Take Me Home Tonight reviews on this movie already. You can refer to them to get a general idea of the picture or read this one to make an impression about the film.


What are the best animated comedy movies?: